Advanced experimental chemistry

A 5-units program granting a bonus in application to universities

Studies commence at the 11th grade, after the successful completion of the 10th-grade program, which includes a course composed of 4 meetings on the subject.

The program is aimed at excellent and curious students, having a great desire and will to invest themselves is experimental research. 

The program focuses on a subject stemmed at the heart of chemistry – laboratory experiments. The equipment available for students is state-of-the-art, advanced equipment, currently found solely in academic institutions and universities. 

Great emphasis is put on the personal advancement of participants in their individual areas of interest. Additionally, investigation of day-to-day chemical phenomena is highly encouraged.

The program spans over 3 years, with varying characteristics and pedagogical goals:

During the 10th grade: Students participate in a 4-meetings course, held after school hours. After each meeting, they are required to hand in a report.

During the 11th grade: the program substitutes the core chemistry program: studies take place at regular school hours and additionally, inter-school classes are held during the late afternoon hours. Half of the time is dedicated to experimental work. Theoretical studies are performed at a higher pace compared to regular classes and include subjects beyond the scope of the core program.

During the 12th grade: participants will execute a large final project.

Reports handed in during the program will be included in the research programs portfolio of the ministry of education.

Participants of the program are expected to fulfill all academic requirements prior to the end of their last school year.

Applicants are required to have:

High independent work skills

High learning abilities

Curiosity and openness of mind

Desire to deepen their understanding of chemistry

Readiness to work after school hours