Excellence Class

A unique answer for 10th-12th grade extraordinary students 

It is common knowledge, that bright, high school students seekoutlets for heightened curiosity, fast learning abilities, special cognitive skills and exceptional analytical-mathematical abilities – within universities: i.e. by joining courses and gaining points toward academic degrees while still attending high school.

We offer an alternative model for challenging such students.

HEMDA, being a center for science education for all high school students in Tel Aviv-Yaffo, has issued and implemented a new program titled“excellence class” (top 22 students). The idea is to gather outstanding students into a single class and teach them physics following a unique pedagogical approach, special didactic practices and personal treatment.

This class enables the students to learn physics with sophisticated mathematical tools, broadening their theoretical and experimental interdisciplinary basis. We teach them advanced topics that are not in the regular syllabus. The students take part in special experiments, getting exposure to cutting edge scientific fields. Projects are guided by HEMDA's teachers with cooperation from universities and research hospitals. Team work is encouraged, but every student is treated personally.

During the 11th grade students receive an introductory course in elementary particle physics and take part in a 4 days seminar at the Large Hadron Collider located inCern, Switzerland.

During the 12th grade, the students take part in a 3-days scientific seminar at the Weizmann Institute- designed especially for them.

HEMDA's students at the Large Hadron collider, Cern, Switzerland.