Science as culture for the community

Engaging the public in Science

HEMDA, the Center for Science Education in Tel-Aviv-Yaffo has established a center aiming at engaging the public with scientific issues, initiating a fruitful dialogue between research scientists and lay members of the community and raise the awareness to scientific dilemmas.

A far-reaching revolution has now made science a focus of cultural discourse in the western world. The public is hungry for knowledge and wishes to know more about science and to be involved in. People have realized that science has an impact on their way of life and even on their very existence. Issues such as global warming, GMO, genetic editing, are now at the center of the public discourse. However, in the last few years, following health and environmental crises, feeling of fear from some of the advances and distrust began to emerge.

On the other hand, the scientific community is now ready to open-up and establish bridges with the public. Scientists realized that in order to continue with their costly research, which is primarily funded by governments and private donors, they must receive public legitimization.  Society's relationship with science is in a critical phase. Science today is exciting, and full of opportunities.

Our center is a unique venue for promoting dialogue between scientists and society. The Center brings controversial issues and current medicine and science topics to life through a continuous program of events for adults.

Over 15,000 members of the community attended HEMDA in the last 16 years and took part in our "science as culture" activities.

Prof. Haim Harari, former president of the Weizmann institute