Makers Lab. at HEMDA

Encouraging innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship

HEMDA founded a unique program for the development of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship for science students. The program goals are to encourage independent work, driven by the student’s sense of responsibility. The program enables genuine learning motivated by inner drive and supported by teamwork to integrate science and technology.

What is the ‘Makers’ Approach’?

The "Makers Movement" enables each person to create sophisticated technological products, translating ideas into reality through working in workshops with emphasis on digital fabrication: drafting plans, 3D printing and laser cutting. This movement engages in all areas of design, fabrication and programming through artistic design and requires entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills. 

Integrating the "Makers" Approach in HEMDA

The makers approach at HEMDA enables students to apply their theoretical and practical knowledge gained in the classroom and the laboratory to “make”, innovate and develop the confidence in their creativity. A Makers' Laboratory serves as an educational tool that provides students with an arena for action – in the physical realm and the realm of ideas.

This is a “different kind of pedagogical set-up,” the first of its kind in Israel’s education system, a set-up which enables the students to think “outside the box” and develop personal projects supported and accompanied by the professionals on HEMDA’s staff.

Israel has earned the name “start-up nation.” We firmly believe that the stage we are providingby making this program available for students will transform HEMDA’s graduates the next science and technology leaders in Israel.

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