Arrow project - special program for 9th grade students

9th grade Submarine competition

A unique answer for 9th grade potential science students

Starting at the 9th grade, science-oriented students are introduced to quantitative and qualitative science at HEMDA.

The Syllabus of the Arrow Project was developed at HEMDA about 16 years ago as part of a four-years study program culminating in the Matriculation Examination, which is occasionally adapted according to the emergingneeds in science studies at high school. The teachers of the program are HEMDA's regular teachers. 

The exposure to science at this early stage, mixed with hands-on experiments, demonstrations and unique activities (competitions and workshops), triggers motivation and provides skills for future science studies. These studies encourage the young students to choose science as their high school major subject in the years to come. Studies are also accompanied by in-depth mathematicsorganically  integrated in classes.

Studies take place in HEMDA cutting edge laboratories with demonstration equipment for the teachers and hands-on experiments for all the students. Low-tech experiments are deliberately chosen at this stage so that the students develop their intuition in the subject matter before they are exposed to the sophisticated computerized experiments in the following years.

The students are encouraged to take part in competitions, workshops and are exposed to young scientists.