Ben-Gai Tehilla
Director of HEMDA
Ph.D in Climatology, Tel-Aviv University.

Senior management

Zagiel Ariella
Deputy director of HEMDA, Head of Physics Pedagogical team, Physics teacher
Ph.D in Electrochemistry, Tel- Aviv University. Experience as research project leader at ECR start-up. Member of the Physics Professional Committee of Israel and cooperating with the physics Instructors group.
Simon Elena
Liaison to schools, HEMDA's coordinator, Physics teacher
M.Sc in Physics. Specializing in Electrophysics, Kharkov Polytechnic University.
Livshits Ela
Livshits Ela
Head of Chemistry Pedagogical team, Chemistry teacher
Ph.D in Chemistry. Specializing in Electrochemistry, Tel-Aviv University.


Almog Yael
Physics teacher, website manager
Ph.D in Physics, MBA in Technology Management from Tel Aviv University. Experience in signal and image processing of biological and medical computational sciences.
Asayag Irena 
Chemistry teacher,
coordinator of 10th grade
Chemistry program
M.Sc In Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science.
Brodsky Evgeny
Physics teacher
Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. Wrote a textbook on Hydraulics (in Russian) and holds 5 technological patents. 
Ben Simon Avi
Chemistry and Computational Science teacher
Ph.D in Chemistry. Specializing in phase transition, Tel-Aviv University. Worked with the min lab group as a game developer for educational purposes.
Bar-Yosef Asaf
Ben Simon Avi
Physics teacher
Pursuing Ph.D in Physics Education, Weizmann Institute of Science. "Greatly thankful for the moment I had the courage to leave the High-Tech industry for a fulfilling teaching career".
Berman David
Physics teacher
M.Sc in physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Former engineering-group-manager in high-tech company.
Cohen Eyal
Physics teacher, co-developer of Computational Science program
Ph.D in Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University and the Technion. Experience in Startups. Author of a physics high school textbook. 
Cohen Yossi
Cohen Eyal
Physics teacher
Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, specializing in Nuclear Physics.
Cordova Yossi
Physics and computational Science teacher
Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science. 7 years of high tech experience in modeling and simulation of dynamical systems.
Dubrovin Daria
Physics and computational
Science teacher
Ph.D in Atmospheric Physics, specializing in lightning, Tel Aviv University.
Gruman Idith
Physics teacher, Developer of Arrow program
Ph.D in Experimental Physics specializing in Electro-optics, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Former superviser of a team of Physics students who helped disadvantaged children to succeed at the Finals in Maths and Physics.
Gilboa Arik
Physics teacher, Moodle content developer
M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering. Specializing in environment and oil sands, Tel-Aviv University.
Hagooly Aviv
Chemistry teacher
Ph.D in Chemistry, specializing in Organic Chemistry, Tel-Aviv University. Former researcher in Intel and Hadassah Medical Center.
Ilsar Iftach
Physics teacher
Pursuing a Ph.D in Chemical Physics, specializing in Molecular Electronics, Tel Aviv University.
Karni-Harel Boaz
Physics teacher, head of science-culture program
Ph.D in Theoretical Physics. Specializing in string-theory, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Former member of the development team for the waves and optics course in the Open University.
Krein Eitan
Chemistry teacher
Ph.D in Chemistry. Specializing in Organic Geochemistry, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Co-editor of Scientific American Israel. 
Kovarsky Raya
Chemistry teacher
Ph.D in Electrochemistry, Tel-Aviv University. Former R&D and lab department manager and researcher in high-tech firms
Lichtenstein Omer
Physics teacher
B.Sc in Physics, Tel Aviv University.
Noter Shay
Physics teacher, coordinator of 10th grade physics program
M.Sc in Physics, Tel-Aviv University.
Osher Ben
Chemistry teacher
M.Sc in Science Education, Weizmann Institute. Pursuing Master of Design, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
Polingher Corina
Physics teacher
M.Sc in Electrical Engineering, Iasi Plytechnic Institute, Romania. Author of textbooks and developer of teaching materials.
Poliak Marina
Physics teacher
Ph.D in Chemical physics, specializing in electro-optical, laser-based diagnostics of combustion phenomena, Tel-Aviv University.
Regev Nimrod
Physics teacher
B.Sc Physics, M.A. in History and Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas, Tel-Aviv University.
Raveh Osnat
Chemistry teacher
Ph.D in Physiology and Pharmacology, Tel-Aviv University. Sought-after teaching guide in the Ministery of Education.
Rozenfeld Shlomo
Computational Science (CS) program developer, head of CS team, CS teacher
M.A  in Curriculum Development, University of Liverpool. Developer of computerized teaching materials in the Weizmann Institute's Department of Science Education. Co-author of physics textbooks.
Shmueli Haim
Physics teacher, head of arrow program, security supervisor
M.Sc in  Physics. Specializing in Condensed Matter, Tel-Aviv University. Former popular science writer, translator and editor.
Svirski Gilad
Physics teacher
Ph.D in physics, specializing in Astrophysics, Tel Aviv university. Former software developer in Telecom & finance companies and IBM.
Shpitalnik Reuven Robert 
Physics and Computational Science teacher, developer of Research Physics program
Ph.D in Physics, Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Former researcher at Soreq Nuclear Research Center and integrator at Intel, Kiryat-Gat
Vered (Malitzky) Alona
Physics teacher
M.Sc in Physics, Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Academy of Sciences, USSR. Former researcher in the Geophysical Institute of Israel.
Weiss Tal
Physics teacher
Pursuing Ph.D in Quantum Physics, Ben-Gurion University.
Yosub Lior
Physics teacher
B.Sc in Physics, Ben-Gurion University.
Zomer Adi
Physics teacher
Ph.D in Geophysics, Tel-Aviv University. 3 times Israel champion in windsurf wave riding.

Ziniuk Zeev
Chemistry  teacher
Ph.D in chemistry, specializing in synthetic organic chemistry, Tel-Aviv University. Former R&D researcher in start-up companies.


Supporting Staff
Science Laboratories

Indenbaum Vitaly
Head of Physics Lab. 
Experiments and demonstrations developer
Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, specializing in hardness of super alloys. Institute of Physics of metals, Academy of Science, USSR
Sokolinski Ira
Head of Chemistry Lab.
Lab technician
M.Sc in Chemistry, Technion of the Soviet Union
Kazarez Inna
Lab technician
M.Sc in Electrical engineering, Pholytechinc Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Lokchanov Leonid
Master of Scientific Demonstrations
M.Sc in Electrical Engineering. Polytechnikum Minsk, Russia.
Dan Zamir
Lab technician
B.Sc in Physics, Technion. Former member of a team that built and managed the new Technion Youth Center Physics labs. Former lab test engineer in 3D Vision team of Microsoft.
Chernov Olga
Lab technician
M.Sc in Machine learning, Kiev Polytechnic University. Former high-tech QA testing engineer and software.
Rosenwasser Alon
Information Technology Supervisor+
A Microsoft and Cisco Certified Solution Associate

Administration staff

Keren Sara
Chief Administrator
Daniel Aderet
Logistics Manager,
Infrastructure supervisor
Osin Yana


Educational  Resource Center

Dar Dita
M.Sc in Geology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Former researcher, Eilat Marine Laboratory. Piano player and musical librarian – The Israeli Opera.