HEMDA – A Unique Model of Science Education

קובץ תמונה - איור של מבנה חמד

HEMDA is the Hebrew abbreviation for “Center for Science Education”, and as such it serves as the scientific arm to all high schools in Tel-Aviv-Yaffo. HEMDA assumes the responsibility of teaching Physics, Chemistry and Computational Science to 9th to 12th grade students from 19 high schools in Tel-Aviv-Yaffo, according to the Israeli curriculum, preparing them for Matriculation Examinations and much beyond. Studies at HEMDA are aimed at all advanced level students in a profounder, more encompassing and engaging way than any regular school.

HEMDA has its own, specially designed campus for science education.

HEMDA relies on highly qualified teachers (most of whom are PhD’s) in 18 state-of-the-art, well equipped laboratories.

The educational concept of HEMDA is built on integrating theoretical studies with experimental work. The traditional separation between classes and laboratories is diminished: theoretical studies are accompanied by both demonstrationsperformed by teachers and hands on experiments executed by the students themselves. Such experiments, most often, employ sophisticated, computer-assisted systems, smoothing out the transitions between theory, simulations and experimental measurements.

HEMDA’s unique model, gives rise to many advantages for students attending it, as it allows participation in several unique programs, workshops and extracurricular courses on top of the core physics studies.To name a few - “Arrow project” is a special program for 9th grade pupilsand its main goal is to encourage them to choose at least one science related major in high school. Pupils attending “Arrow” are provided with science-learning motivation and basic scientific skills through specially designed experiments; a worldwide unique program for outstanding students titled "Computational Science"; Excellence classes for in-depth physics and physical mathematics, and many other unique ventures. HEMDA provides a dynamic environment as new courses, experiments and activities are constantly being developed.

קובץ תמונה - גרף של מספר התלמידים בחמד