Research Physics program

A new educational program, solely available for students majoring in physics, has recently been initiated by the Ministry of Education in a select few centers throughout the country. HEMDA, through its highly skilled personnel and availability of advanced equipment, automatically qualified to take part in this program.

The program is designated for outstanding and curious students who seek experimental challenges beyond those granted by the core physics studies. Throughout the research program, students work on various projects providing them with empirical and theoretical research skills.

Studies span over a three year framework:

During the 1st year (10th grade), students undergo training aimed at providing them with skills relevant to experimental work. They engage in experiments and acquire skills regarding accurate and reliable scientific reporting. They learn to compare theoretical models to experimental results; study the basics of error propagation and dimensional analysis and implement their acquired knowledge in several guided projects.

During the 2nd and 3rd years (11th and 12th grades) each student chooses a personal project with the assistance of their scientific supervisor. A work schedule is set for the following 2 years. Such projects consist of both experimental research and construction of computational models. As an integral part of the program, students are required to undertake complimentary courses (given at HEMDA) and enrich their knowledge regarding advanced empirical techniques and mathematical treatment of problems related to their projects.

Evaluation of the projects is performed by both the direct supervisor and external examiners. In part, the final grade depends on the presentation of research results before a board of externally appointed judges.